What’s Your Word

Last Sunday, I was at Soho House enjoying what was an amazing Birthday brunch with several friends and family. The manager came over and asked if we would like to participate in” My Intent”…. an organization headed by Chris Pan (yes, the same Chris Pan of Facebook fame) and have our Word stamped onto a bracelet. With a resounding yes… we stampeded over to meet Chris and find out more about this incredible movement. In 2013…. Chris, for his 36th birthday had a friend offer to make him an “intention bracelet” by choosing a word that would be a reminder to live a better and more meaningful life. His first word? “Impact” because he wanted to remind himself to make an impact with his life…. and there my people… the “My Intent Program” was born. Us girls all chose our words and Chris stamped each one by hand in our presence. I chose “Protect as the mother in me came out at that moment and I decided that as the matriarch of my family that I would be reminded on a daily basis that protecting my family is one of my priorities. Since that Sunday…. I have come up with 100 different words that have come out of 100 different situations. But “protect” is my first with many more to come….

So easy to get your own Intent stamped… just go to www.myintent.org, choose your word and order. The easiest way to be reminded on a daily basis on how to live a better life….

Laura-Dunn-My intent-collage


Laura-Dunn-my intent-bracelet



With Lots of Intentional Love,

Laura Dunn