Pour-Over Coffee, the beautiful way

Yesterday was National Coffee Day!! Sorry we are a day late…. but better late than never! So here’s our scoop…. pun intended! The Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Kaufman Mercantile is kitchen worthy! Meaning… I keep it out on the counter always! A stunningly beautiful coffee maker and one that makes some of the best Pour-Over coffee you will ever taste! The heat resistant pour-over glass cone sits in a brass ring holder that is based on a beautiful pice of walnut. All we did was add organic coffee to a disposable all natural filter (you can also use cheese-cloth), popped it into the glass holder…. and poured-over a cup of boiling water. The coffee brews as it drips and you have within seconds…. a beautiful cup of the freshest brew you can make at home. It tasted so fresh and so special… most likely in our heads… but who cares. It’s a very special way of brewing coffee and great for single cups… or great for a party and let your guests make their own.

We finished it off with some French sugar hearts that I found at Harrods in London this past summer. Canasuc Paris makes beautifully designed sugars that come in different shapes and sizes that fit right on the lip of your coffee cup. Stunning accent for any coffee cup or…. anytime you need a beautiful sugar cube.


Laura Dunn