Once a month going forward we will be featuring a brand-new fashion designer. Being a fashion editor at Genlux, one of Southern California’s premier fashion magazines, I have been exposed to many talented new designers. I thought it would be exciting for you to be able to experience them also. I was going to wait for the launch of the new site to start this chapter… but was so impressed with this designer that I couldn’t wait any longer. So with all of that said… I would like to introduce you to….
When I first saw the Sanyae line, my thoughts we that it was for a much younger woman. But when a box of the Fall 2015/16 collection arrived at my office it was a completely different story. The fabrics in person were very impressive, but it was the fit that blew my mind. Every single pice out of the collection fit my body like a glove. I have never had an entire collection fit like Sanyae Demure. Of course the little rompers were too young for me… but every other piece would be something I could see myself wearing. Designer Sahar Amiry knows the female body and knows how to accentuate every curve and knows what to hide. Her curve fitting dresses are sexy yet sophisticated. A mixture of conservative and revealing cuts make the pieces unique and daring. All the clothes are locally made in Los Angeles, promoting manufacturing in the USA and the highest quality of work.
Laura Dunn


Laura Dunn Actress Model Munchkin


Laura Dunn Model Actress

Laura Dunn-Sanyae Demure White Dress-Michael Kors Fringe sandals

Laura Dunn Model Actress


Laura Dunn

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