Caramel Apple Magic

I discovered Concord Caramel Apple Wraps several wars ago…. and became TOTALLY obsessed! From the moment I made my first perfect caramel apple, I knew I would never go back to the old school way of melting caramel in a pot… and then trying to figure out a way to not burn myself in the process. So easy and safe to use are these wraps, that even a small child can make a perfect fall treat! Last year Concord sold out of the wraps in September…. I went into a total panic and searched all over the US to no avail. This year at the beginning of September, I ordered several cases just to be sure to not miss out on being able to share the ease of making homemade caramels apples with you. When I was in Ralph’s last week I noticed that they had a huge display… so not to worry. And if you get stuck in a pinch… give me a call… I am prepared this year!!

Let’s get started!!

IMG_6170-1IMG_6107Laura-Caramel apple recipe


We used M&M’s, Oreos, cashews, AppleJacks, coconut flakes, chocolate chunks, Halloween sprinkles and dried cranberries. And we even made some mini caramel apples with some tiny little crab apples. We used some clean sticks from the yard… and VI’OLA!! The Halloween Carmel Apple is yours for the making!!

IMG_6136-1 IMG_6193-1


Laura Dunn


YES!! My hair is long! Wednesday’s story will be on how to go from short to long in just a couple of hours!!

For Laura’s outfit and secret caramel wraps click the links below or visit the Boutique page!