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Chanel Pins: Embellish Now

I was getting dressed for a really fun event at Neiman Marcus last week…. and upon looking in the mirror, I noticed that I looked like I was going to a funeral. Somber and just not fun. So I reached into my CHANEL pin collection that I started a few years back, and grabbed the bling-i-est I could find. Upon re-checking…. Success! The outfit now had that Ooomph factor that it needed. Ooomph enough to get me several compliments on my outfit and pins. One pin alone garnered 6 compliments and actually helped me meet some amazing new friends. Now I am not saying dash out to CHANEL and buy pins…. but what I am saying is any outfit can be changed up with some simple accessories. Pins are an incredibly easy way to brighten up any outfit and really think outside the box with placement.

Chanel pins Kisses!!

Laura Dunn