Laura Dunn-Benoit mussolin

Laura Dunn-Benoit mussolin

Laura Dunn-Benoit missolin-Fendi Baguette- Pink Silk Gloves

Laura Dunn-Benoit mussolin Fabulous 365

Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn

Laura-Dunn- benoit - fendi

Laura Dunn wearing Benoit Fendi

Ode to French Milliner…. Benoït Missolin

Cat Hat…. Pup Daze

A good milliner is hard to find…. unless we head to the UK and then we have hat perfection. Benoït Missolin uses vivid colors, unconventional prints, embroidery, crystals and sequins to breathe life into his spectacular creations. Creations that have stolen my heart…. and head! Benoït designs embody pop fashion and animation, all while having fun with cliches. Born in Provence, Benoït began his career in fashion guided and mentored by Christian Lacroix and continues his craft today, with his exquisite works of “head art” being stocked by the most celebrated and most prestigious stores around the world.

Today we are featuring two of my most favorite Benoït Missolin pieces from Summer of 2014. The crystal embellished pink Cat Hat Mask and ode to Pluto cap. We paired both of them with a Fendi Baguette embellished with pink paillettes and a pink, gold and red sequin dress by Louise Gray. We added in a pair of pink satin gloves and we are so obsessed… that we are devoting an entire story to the “Pink Glove!”

 I am so beyond excited to feature Benoït Missolin today and know that it’s a good omen to have our very first story on the brand new feature such a magnificent talent.


Laura Dunn


Laura-Dunn- fendi baguette

Laura Dunn-pink sequinFendi purse-Benoit Missolin

Laura Dunn wearing a Benoit Missolin hat and a Fendi purse

Laura Dunn-benoit




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