Wearing the OnePiece in Public?

YES!! I will be wearing my brand new OnePiece in public!! I just purchased this Military Onesie by OnePiece from the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection…. and I think it’s so cute, it’s absolutely “public” worthy! Normally reserved for at-home lounging, the OnePiece collection is stepping up their game and making pieces that normally reside at home to pieces that translate to the outside world. The fit is divine and the comfort…. well it doesn’t get anymore comfortable! The entire brand was built on comfort and was conceived by a group out of Oslo while looking for the pinnacle of slackerwear. They were looking to merge a hoodie with a pair of sweats with one giant zipper…. and from that the concept of the OnePiece was born. With a rockin’ online store, 10 concept stores and over 1000 retailers selling in over 100 countries, the OnePiece Onesie movement is in full force!!



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