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Laura Dunn is reviewing the hottest trend of 2015. The Dior Sequin Turtleneck

Laura Dunn Actress-Blogger-Dior Sequin Turtleneck-Christian Dior

Laura Dunn is reviewing the Dior Sequin Turtleneck

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Sequins for DayTime

The Dior sequin turtleneck sweater is just about the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever seen. So beautiful is this creation that I wrote about it for my GENLUX page of “Things I can’t Live Without!” From the moment I spied this dream top in London at Harrods past summer…. I have been totally obsessed! I finally purchased it for my birthday in September and was blown away by the fit. It fits the body like a glove and moves like silk rather than a stiff sequins. How Dior managed to make this turtleneck comfortable is beyond me…. but it truly is! Then add in the fact that the sequins surrounding the face act like a reflector enhancing skin tone and all while giving the face a beautiful glow. The add in the fact that the turtleneck is one of the hottest things you can wear this Fall/Winter 2015… add in sequins for daytime…. and I personally feel that this could be the perfect top…. Day or night!! Now here’s the bad part…. this creation comes at a price… a rather serious one. So we searched high and low and found a few other designers at more reasonable pricing. When I wore the Dior for a gallery opening in San Francisco I was besieged with compliments…. and my hope for you…. when you wear yours…. you will be also!!

With some seriously sparkling Love,

Laura Dunn

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Laura Dunn Actress-Model-Dior Sequin Turtleneck-Christian Dior

Laura Dunn is reviewing the Dior Sequin Turtleneck Sweater Fall 2015/2016

Laura Dunn Actress-Dior Sequin Turtleneck-Christian Dior-Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn is wearing the DIOR sequin turtleneck. One of the hottest sweaters of the 2015 season

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