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Laura Dunn wearing an H&M Love sweater with a Donna Karan sequin skirt

Laura Dunn- So Real by DIOR- Sunglasses-H&M-Sequin sweater- sequin skirt- Donna Karan

Laura Dunn wearing an H&M Sequin sweater with a Donna Karan sequin skirt and the Dior So real sunglasses

Laura Dunn-SO REAL- DIOR-h&m-donna karan- sequins- blogger-lifestyle

Laura Dunn is wearing an H&M Sequin sweater and a Donna Karan Sequin Skirt WITH THE SO REAL Dior sunglasses

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The H&M Pennies & Posh: Sequin Sweater Season

We created this look last fall with the same exact Donna Karan sequined cashmere skirt, the same exact silver Giuseppe Zanoti fringe sandals and a “hot trend alert” Markus Lupfer sequined liped, cashmere, blend sweater. This year we switched out the Markus Lupfer sweater for an H&M wool and festive heart sequin sweater, added some Dior So Real sunglasses, the standard Harry Winston watch and we now have the same look for a whole lot less. The Markus Lupfer cost us $410 last year….. compared to the H&M that cost us a cool $19. Now this is a serious a lot of look… for not such a serious amount of money. Swap out the skirt for a pair of jeans, swap out the sandals for a fun little loafer and this sweater is a great Fall piece to dress up or down.

laura-h&m sequin sweater

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Lots of Warm Sparkly Love,

Laura Dunn