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free the orcas munchkin laura dunn

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Free The Orcas: Munchkin Sponsored “Orcas live in Oceans”

25 years ago my husband, Steven B. Dunn started Munchkin Inc. A global baby products company that seeks to rid the world of mundane products by developing innovative and clever solutions to help make mom (and dads too) lives easier, safer and better functioning. After 25 successful years of serious growth (we started with one product and now have over 300) and a very loyal following, I suggested to Steve that now is the time to start giving back in a serious way. Giving back in anyway he sees fit, but it must be life altering. We started last year with Children’s Hospital and in 2015 Steve has gone environmental….

On November 9th, 2015…. Steve personally reached out to Sea World requesting that they release Tilikum…. the orca made famous in the documentary “Blackfish.” The documentary that I made Steve watch under the threat of “No Blackfish…. No baseball.” After 5 minutes of watching he was so engrossed that I was astounded by the silence. Obviously there were some serious thoughts going on during that warm Sunday afternoon in our media room. And at one point I saw tears of sadness rolling down Steve’s cheek. By the end of the documentary, Steve announced that he was retiring the orca bath toy that has been in Munchkin’s top selling Sea Squirt collection for over 10 years. I laughed, but really didn’t think much of it. He declared that “a bathtub was not big enough for that orca.” Of course I could have never imagined what would come next….

Steve and Munchkin have pledged a $1 Million donation to help build the first U.S. Orca Ocean Sanctuary, if Sea World does indeed agree to free Tilikum upon completion. Along with that pledge, Munchkin launched the “Orcas live in Oceans” campaign with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) Organization….. the leading global charity dedicated to the protection and conservation of whales and dolphins. The campaign includes multiple levels of commitment by Munchkin as well as opportunities for people world wide to support the cause.

To kick-start the “Orcas live in Oceans” campaign Munchkin produced a video that you can see here – Munchkin Orca Video – and also at This beautiful and moving video calls to action the cease of commercialization of these majestic mammals and allow them to live the rest of their lives safe, happy and FREE in a coastal sanctuary. Munchkin has created the tee-shirt and sweat shirt I am wearing today…. with 100% of the proceeds going to the WDC, which are now available at WWW.MUNCHKIN.COM under the apparel section.

Am I proud? You bet cha I am. Am I thrilled that Steve listened to my plea of giving back? You bet cha I am. Is this the end? Naw…. this is just the beginning….. Steve and Munchkin are just getting warmed up.

With Some Seriously Proud Love,

Laura Dunn

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Laura Dunn wearing Free the Orcas T-Shirt by Munchkin

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laura dunn munchkin save the orcas