Laura Dunn Pur-lisse lip treatment jennifer yen glam squad

Laura Dunn is reviewing Pur-Lisse lip conditioner by Jennifer Yen

Laura Dunn Pur-lisse lip treatment jennifer yen glam squad


Laura Dunn Pur-lisse lip treatment jennifer yen glam squad

PŪR~LISSE: Pūr~Lip Comfort

To know me is to know that I can’t live without my Chanel Glossimer (and I have added to the mix the new Smith & Cult Lip Lacquers), meaning I have been using a gloss as a means to keep my lips moist and conditioned. My lips are never too chapped or dry…. just not really moist and silky smooth. Which by the way… at my age I thought the young pouty 16 year old lip was long gone. That is until last week, when into my life rolled Jennifer Yen and her magical Pūr~lisse Lip Comfort. I was at a breakfast for Glam-Squad (more on that next week when I go in-depth into the first beauty app that can literally… save face). Miss Yen and I got to speaking and after connecting all of the 6 degrees of separation, Jennifer told me about her company Pūr-~lisse, a company based on time tested authentic Asian beauty wisdom with advanced French cosmeceuticals. Let’s digress…. As a working actress, Jennifer’s skin became troubled, sensitive and lackluster after working with heavy make-up under bright lights…. the kiss of death to any skin. Jennifer turned to her grandmother for inspiration and married her beautiful skinned grandmother’s ancient Asian remedies with advance French technology…. VIOLA… Pūr~lisse was born.

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I received a tube of the lip conditioner at the breakfast in a goodie bag… and by that afternoon (I swear) I had my 16 year old lips back. It was nothing short of a miracle! Now mind you…. I have tried most every chap-stick and lip balm on the planet and usually gave it up after a day or two. But this one…. After one application I could literally feel something different. My lips were as smooth as a babies butt and plump with moisture. I want to Thank You Jennifer Yen, Miss CEO and Founder of Pūr~Lisse, for giving back my lips their youth of days gone by.

A seriously Big Smooth Moist Kiss,

Laura Dunn


Laura Dunn Pur-lisse lip conditioner review

Laura Dunn is reviewing the Pur-lisse Lip Conditioner. Laura gives it a 10 out of 10!

P.S. After speaking with Jennifer, she graciously offered to send me everything in her PŪR~LISSE product line! So after some serious clinical testing (me trying all the products) I promise to give you the skinny on what could be our new best friends in the beauty world…. and hopefully the fountain of youth!!