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Nepotism abounds in this little article and I don’t care who knows! I’ll shout it from the roof tops because I am so proud of Beau Dunn and I would like the world to know. My beautiful daughter Beau was getting married a couple of years ago and came up with some really fun ways to celebrate on her “Wedding Shower” trip to New Zealand. Beau had a jean jacket embroidered with each of her bridesmaids names on the back and they spent an afternoon embellishing them with patches, crystals and paints. All the girls told me that it was the most fun DIY activity that any of them had ever experienced. Within that trip an idea was born about starting a company, but it was when Beau was sidelined after a serious knee accident that the Beau’s Babes company came to life. 

Beau’s Babes is now morphing into a viable and successful clothing line and I could not be more proud of my beautiful daughter. This fall they will add cashmere and many more items to the growing clothing and accessory list. With tee-shirts, sweat shirts, bandanas, jean jackets, dog and baby jean jackets… the list goes on and all available with personalization. 

From the website:
Beau’s Babes is Los Angeles based customizable clothing and accessories line all about you and the people (and pets!) you love the most, creating something together that’s as unique as your bond. 
Founded in sunny Los Angeles by Beau Dunn, Beau’s Babes was created with love and inspired by friendship. Whether it be a name or a favorite saying, with Beau’s Babes you can custom embroider super stylish denim jackets, sweatshirts, and accessories and make them one-of-a-kind.
What started as a gift for Beau’s friends, has given way to the Beau’s Babes lifestyle brand and we invite you and your best babes to show your love in style. And let’s not forget to mention the amazing pics you’ll capture for the gram !
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