We are multi-tasking…. so today’s post brings us a few exciting accoutrements! Let’s start with the Louis Vuitton luggage that I have literally waited over three years for. I have a rather extensive collection of Louis Vuitton luggage, but with the new serious weight restrictions on airlines and if I pack as I normally do… well let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight. Hence… the wait for the new light weight collection! 


Meet the future of luxurious rolling luggage The Horizon 70. Imagined by Marc Newson, widely acknowledged as the most influential industrial designer of his generation, this lightweight 4-wheeled luggage has a completely flat interior thanks to its large external cane. Every detail exudes innovation and lightness: from the discreet new TSA lock to the most comfortable wheels ever designed by Louis Vuitton. I plan on rolling the Horizon around the world and I am so excited you will be able to join me on this exciting journey. 


Luxury for Less

Next up… my former sites www.fabulous365.com and www.lauradunn.com always featured a weekly dose of Luxury for Less. It had another name, but since we are a new site… new name! Since this post was rich with luxury I had to introduce a piece that looked like a million dollars with a price tag that was shocking and affordable by all. My hero, creative director of Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing… describes mixing luxury with inexpensive pieces as mixing your “Good Girl” with your “Naughty Girl.”


Today takes the prize… as my skirt that looks like it costs thousands of dollars, when in actuality the price was a fabulous $89.00. I mixed this jewel embellished skirt by Beulah with some serious luxury, so you would never in a million years guess that this dazzling skirt was so well priced. My Louis Vuitton slides, Louis Vuitton cell phone case, Michael Kors crocodile belt, PRADA sweater, purple Mui Mui jeweled purse and Valentino Jacket all enhance the beauty of this outfit.  WWW.LOUISVUITTON.COM