Laura dunn in a red stello gown luxury

Laura dunn in a luxury stello gown

This is the re-birth of Fabulous365 and I am so excited to be back and so excited to share my brand new site… and life with you! I will be putting up posts once or twice a week and hope you will be joining me on this luxury adventure. I also hope that you will read my mission statement in the about section… as it makes more sense to as why I have landed back in this world. 


When I thought about my very first post on Luxury, the first name that came to mind was…Stello! Please read on to find out about one of my favorite fashion houses located in my very own Los Angeles.  

I had searched for 3 years for the perfect mother of the bride dress… several times it looked like I may have found “the one.” Only to realize that each of the dresses chosen were not worthy of a dress that would go down in the Dunn/Fay Family history books. One that my grandchildren and great grandchildren would see. As a life long model and fashionista, I needed a dress that was not only totally my personality, but one that I would look back upon and not cringe. I wish I could say that about my own first wedding dress. Cringe is an understatement as it was a dress that was so trendy and so over the top “at the moment”… who knew 25 years later it would look like a monstrosity. So this time around, while not my wedding… it had to be a classically timeless creation. What’s a girl to do when the wedding party is now only 6 weeks away and there is no dress in sight? Well, Stello. 


My daughter Beau suggested that I reach out to STELLO. Stello is an off shoot design-create fashion house of fashion designer Michael Costello. Michael was the 4th place fan favorite on the 2010 Project Runway and the go to gown designer for Beyonce. Beau has worked with Michael and the design duo of Stephanie and Jennifer (Micheal’s cousins) before and wholeheartedly recommended Stello.  



Laura dunn on a staircase wearing a luxurious stello gown by Michael costello

Laura dunn on a staircase wearing a luxurious stello gown by Michael costello

Within 15 minutes of being in their unassuming shop in the Fashion Design building in downtown Los Angeles…  a messenger ran in to grab a dress for Jennifer Lopez for the cover of a magazine. At first I was a little worried as most of their designs are over the top sexy and not the classic design that I was seeking. But after 30 minutes with these girls I knew I was in the right spot. We started brainstorming old world classic… and came up with the absolutely perfect dress/skirt design. During the process we tried on many of the creations while Stephanie photographed. I was in a sexy black and gold creation that I fought to put on… because it looked like it was meant for a 25 year old body. After I slipped on.. I realized that their dresses were magically designed for any aged woman’s body… something about their fabric choices, the way the dresses hug the body and only accentuate rather than detract I knew that my dress would be a dream come true. I posted that photo of the gold and black body hugging dress and within 15 minutes had over 50 comments on Instagram! Showing me that over 50 does not mean dead… 
Unfortunately I will not be showing the “Mother of the Bride” dress here today.. that will be it’s very own photo essay. But I did borrowed 3 dresses for this story to show you just how sexy and luxurious you can be at any age… in a STELLO Dress.
It’s great to be back!


From the STELLO Site: STELLO gowns are designed and handcrafted in our shop in Los Angeles, CA, using only high quality materials, sourced in the USA. All gowns are custom / made-to-order and ship within a 3 week time frame. We can tweak any of our designs to make your gown perfect for your event. Or you can design your very own custom gown with a sales rep and our design team.