Laura dunn looks stunning in Julia clancey caftan mumu and turban


I was at a party a few months back and spied a woman across the room that screamed luxury like no other. Without exaggeration… I made my way across the crowded floor like a full blown stalker trying to get a closer look. The closer I got… the more intrigued I became. She was an elegant woman wearing a green silk embellished caftan and a green and gold sequin turban. 

Within the 10 minutes of my full blown stalk…. I had made up my mind that this woman was either a princess from Saudi Arabia or an heiress that was visiting Los Angeles on her way to her yacht in St. Barts. After 15 minutes I could take it no more and sashayed right up to her and thrust out my hand introducing myself to her.


Laura dunn wears a bright pink mumu caftan and turban Julia clancey


I fully expected her to reciprocate the name exchange only… and then go about her business of being the chicest looking woman in the room and when I say this was a room of some of Los Angeles’ chicest, I am not exaggerating. To my wonderful surprise in an adorable English accent she announced that she was “Julia Clancey.” We struck up an hour long conversation only to find out that she was not a princess nor an heiress… but a designer wearing her own designs.


Laura dunn wears a bright pink mumu caftan and turban Julia clancey

Julia Clancey is a self taught designer from the UK who currently lives in Los Angeles. The essence is the brand is luxury and timeless glamour. They are currently developing the resort line to include swimwear and a children’s line. The made to order gowns are popular on the red carpet with private clients and celebrities alike . Her attention to detail and love of vintage led to the creation of the bespoke accessories collection. Swarovski endorsed the line, and as a brand partner they use the highest quality of all materials. The collection is all hand embroidered and made to order. The pieces are made to be cherished and passed down to generations as a timeless statement adornments.


If you wish to be the chicest woman in the room, the yacht, the beach or anywhere else this 2018 summer season… don a caftan and turban and watch as people stalk you all day and evening. Even better… don a Julia Clancey caftan and turban. So in… so chic you too can be confused for a princess. 

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Laura dunn in a luxury white mumu caftan and sequin turban by juilia clancey