We all love our bargains…. and I love showing how I can buy inexpensive dresses and make them look like a million dollars. It’s all about mixing our “good pieces” with our “not so good pieces!” Today brings us to LuLus, a VERY inexpensive web site that features incredibly low priced dresses with a lot of bang. Let me digress….


I was packing early for a trip to India. We were going with a group out of the UK and I needed several cocktail dresses and three black tie options for different galas. I also needed several daytime dresses for parties and Polo Matches. With very strict weight restrictions… bringing my very expensive and very heavy long gowns were not an option.




Knowing how many different dresses I need to bring… I went into full-blown panic mode. My daughter Beau had told me about LuLus a couple of years ago and thought I would give it a try to see what I could find that I could pair with some of my fabulous and not so inexpensive pieces. Success. Here is a little photo essay of my dresses purchased off LuLus and how each of them priced under 200.00 got so many compliments and so much attention.





If you are still stressing about that perfect New Year’s Eve dress…. this could be a really great option.