I was so fortune (or so unfortunate according to “Good Morning America”) to have been able to aquire the Moncler PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI Lucrezia Down Quilted Puffer Cape. As soon as it became available to Barney’s New York, my specialist in Beverly Hills, Barbara Gallardo snapped up this little gem and before I could sneeze…  it was in my possession. My sky blue hooded puffer cape is assembled from a lacquer-effect tech fabric with an elongated cocoon like silhouette. With angled besom zip front armholes and a toggle drawstring hood.


This sculptural piece for Moncler’s first Genius Project sent my heart a-twitter! There was something so surreal about the shape and hood up completes the futuristic look. I was wondering if this “Down Effect” was here to stay… or a short lived little wonder? Only to see on social media two days ago a runway show from Plein Sud featuring down puffers in all shapes, sizes and lengths. The puffer is here to stay and I highly recommend it works its way into your fashion repertoire!



I wrote about the cape in Genlux magazine before it was available to grace my body and literally searched the world for this piece. The day after my purchase, I see a segment on Good Morning America where they are featuring the whole Moncler collection. One of the main hosts goes on to say that the cape could be the ugliest pieces she has ever seen. Moral of the story… you can’t please all the people all the time….. but boy, will I be warm this chilly winter… and without a doubt in MY mind… VERY stylish!