DISCLOSURE: So….. I had a TCA chemical peel done over a year ago….. Or I should say a TCA chemical peel gone awry… seriously AWRY. Before the peel…. the skin on my neck looked much younger than my years. Now… it actually looks older. According to a well known dermatologist in Beverly Hills… the wrong strength was used on my… Keep Reading

Two weeks ago I was being treated for a rather large, painful and horrific looking sty in my eye. It was so bad that we were canceling our photo shoot for the entire week. It literally took over the right side of my face. I had two rounds of antibiotics prescribed by two different doctors…… Keep Reading

Imagine laying on a cushion that cradles your body like a womb. You are surrounded by gongs, bowls and bells. The “Sound Bath” master starts…. your body, mind and spirit are transported to a place you have never been before…. a heavenly place like no other. You start to fade away from reality and comfortably… Keep Reading

Okay my Beautiful People… Let’s eat our way to glowing and beautiful skin! Eating peaches can actually help make our skin glow from the inside out. Other foods that can help us glow from the inside out? Any fruit or vegetable that is orange or red usually has beta-carotene…. which is beneficial in helping get… Keep Reading

 This is a story that I love so much…. that this is the third time I am writing about it. A scent that makes us appear to look younger than we are? YES!!! The scent of grapefruit has been proven to make us appear 7 to 10 years younger than our actual age. By just… Keep Reading

Dr. Harold Lancer…. known in Los Angeles as “The Guru of Skin.” So of course it is natural for him to have a comprehensive skin care line… and  one of the secret weapons in that line? The MicroCurrent Power Boost…. A sleek and beautifully designed device… developed to win the war on aging for both… Keep Reading

Creative Director, Niz and I were walking through Rite Aid a couple of weeks ago when we noticed that there were several make-up artists doing make overs. One caught our eye…. and we just had to investigate. He was obviously leader of the pack… Yes It was…. Eddie Funkhouser, creator of the Eddie Funkhouser Color… Keep Reading

When celebrity dermatologist….Dr. Mark G. Rubin talks…. I listen. This man knows skin. And when Dr. Rubin recommended Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion 10 years ago… I bought it, used it… and I am still using to this day. This is the one product… I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! I wear it over every product… it’s the… Keep Reading

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