This is a MUST have product for ALL men and women…. period. I received a Sonya Dakar FlashFacial in a swag bag…. only to let it sit in that bag for two months. I found it… and pulled it out a week ago and….. I cannot believe I have lived my life without this product……. Keep Reading

Rebounding….. it’s just another way of saying…. jump on the mini trampoline. This exercise is so good for us and once you read this…. you will be running to buy one. For a 50.00 investment…. you get so many benefits that you will wonder why it hasn’t been a part of your beauty and health… Keep Reading

A month ago….. I wrote about the anti aging “Copper Pillow” and how the copper infuses into our skin to keep it young, firm and somewhat wrinkle free. Now we are on to the “Juverest Pillow.” So here’s the skinny…. My pillow arrives…. and it’s the strangest looking pillow I have ever seen. It has these… Keep Reading

Happiness is a warm puppy…. or is it a warm glass of saffron/almond/milk?? This ancient old recipe is said to bring happiness to our hearts, souls and psyche.… and allow us to speak only “in kind” to those around us. Ellen Whitehurst of “Experience Your Extraordinary Life,” wrote about this recipe a couple of months ago… and I went… Keep Reading

  The Sunscreen You know that thick, greasy feeling… after applying make-up to skin that has already has a base of sunscreen? I do… and I know it well. And it stops me on a daily basis from using sunscreen under my make-up. I feel dirty, greasy and thick (3 best words to describe). Well dirty-greasy no more!… Keep Reading

We were having dinner one evening in Australia…. when the nicest couple approached our table to find out… what the desert sitting in front of us was. I offered them a bite (they looked really nice… and clean… hahaha) and explained since it was dark chocolate (it was a plate of dark chocolate truffles) it was good… Keep Reading


The key to healthy and youthful looking skin? Smooth and even skin tones. The quickest way to achieve that on the body?  Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs! Although it’s technically a make-up for your body…. not a self tanner…. the Airbrush Legs should be called “The Skin Perfector,” because unlike self tanners that change the color of… Keep Reading

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