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I had goose bumps when I saw the final cover of the Genlux Spring 2015 edition. I have to say that this could be one of my all time favorite Genlux covers! Elizabeth Hurley looks like a dream and I was even more excited to learn that our brand new beauty editor, Beau Dunn… helped… Keep Reading

For your reading pleasure….. The Winter Edition of Genlux Magazine came out today….. and is on the newsstands now! Southern California’s premier luxury magazine!


    We have 5 spices here that are usually used in Thanksgiving cooking. Little did I know that these 5 have great benefits….. so it would do all of our bodies good to make sure we go heavy on the spices this coming Thursday. Let’s find out exactly what those benefits are….. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!!

  Another amazing find from our friends at Anat B! This black lace cocktail dress comes in at $29.00 and the compliments I received when I wore to a dinner this past Saturday evening…. were so insane that even I was surprised! Starting with the hostess of the restaurant…. who squealed with delight when I walked in the… Keep Reading

Laura Dunn

As of late…. there has been quite a bit insanity going on in my life. I read about this ages old remedy to help clear chaos from our lives and home a couple of days ago….. and decided that it was time to implement….. ASAP! I followed the directions and within 24 hours there is a new found… Keep Reading

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