Have you ever noticed that your stomach is flatter in the morning than it is at night? I know mine is. My stomach bloat can be up to 70% by evening….. Not too fun. What’s a night time bloated girl to do? De-bloat My Beautiful Peeps…. you heard me! De-Bloat!

Up to 70% of evening bloat can be caused by swallowing air. Now that’s a little food baby in my book…. The culprits…. All carbonated beverages, gum (especially sugarless), eating fast, gulping water… or any beverage for that matter, whipped cream, puffed cereals, mousses and any air filled food (yes those Cheetos count). Backing off on these foods during the day…. will help keep your bloat down at night.

P.S…. That crisp crunchy apple is getting that pop when you bite, from gas… 23% by weight. Avoid like the plague when trying to flatten your belly!