8 hours…. We know how important is it to get a good night sleep.. to rejuvenate our internal organs, skin and brain. Here are three quick tips to get to sleep faster and sleep deeper……
* Nutmeg…. Rich in myristicin, a compound that floods our brains with serotonin….. The happiness hormone that also helps relax our bodies. Add a dash to some warm milk for a quick relaxing nighty night drink.
*Jasmine…. Fresh Jasmine on the nightstand will help relax the central nervous system. Can’t find fresh…. Spritz the sheets with a Jasmine linen and room spray.
* The 8 Second Breathe… Also great for anxiety reduction. Breath in for a count of eight….Hold your breathe for a count of eight…. Let it out for a count of eight…. Eight times and you should be sleeping like a baby…..