Miss Beau Dunn is a chicken addict. Period, end of story. With the amount of hormones in our chicken supply and the conditions of most chicken farms (just google it), this mother hen (me) is trying to find alternatives for her protein sources.
Proteins are broken down in the stomach to provide amino acids, which in turn do everything from forming skin, organs, blood cells, and the immune system… to creating hormones and neurotransmitters. There are 23 different types of amino acid, found in all foods. Eight of these, known as essential amino acids, must be obtained from food. The body breaks these down to manufacture the remaining 15, which are called nonessential. The protein containing foods that provide essential aminos are known as complete proteins, and the others as incomplete. All animal proteins are complete, but I have found non animal alternatives that I wanted to share with you today…..

1. QUINOA…. Quinoa is a wholegrain that is an amazing source of protein. Now available in most supermarkets, cooked or raw, this nutty flavored grain like seed has 11g’s of protein per cup.

2. TEMPEH…. A fermented relative of tofu. 4 ounces pack a whopping 24g’s of Protein. Served over brown rice or pasta mixed with vegetables makes for a healthy meal.

3. BEETROOT…. Low in calories and rich in antioxidants… a complete protein that helps promote liver function. Six small beetroots equal one chicken fillet.

4. LENTILS…. With 17g’s of protein per cup, this tasty and nutritious protein source is great hot or cold. Sold at Trader Joe’s pre-cooked, lentils are a fast food on the run.

5. SPIRULINA….. This Blue Green Algae is a complete protein contains all essential amino acids. 60% protein makes this plant based protein a powerhouse natural food that is an amazing add in to any smoothie. 6g’s of protein in 10 grams.

6. HEMP SEEDS…. Another amazing source of complete protein with the added benefit of the perfect ration of Omega-6 and Omega-3 EFA’s. Throw is salads, rice, smoothies, vegetables or on their own. 16g’s of protein in 3 tablespoons.

This is just a start…. Over the course of the next two weeks we will be bringing you other amazing non animal protein sources that will help keep our bodies fueled with life sustaining vital nutrient.