Half a grapefruit three times a day and you will end up losing 800% more weight than if you skipped it. WOW! You will lose weight even if you don’t diet! Grapefruit helps melt fat by tricking the liver into breaking down more fat according to Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D. “People can easily drop 7 to 10 pounds in a week… by just adding this magical fruit into their diets.” ¬†Another WOW! I am starting today and will report back in one week….

FYI…. Can’t eat grapefruit because of the acid? Spread one teaspoon of olive oil on each half grapefruit 30 minutes before eating and …. VIOLA… Acid be gone!!

Besides being a dieters BFF….

DAILY GRAPEFRUIT will help slash cholesterol by 10 to 20 percent

GRAPEFRUIT protects against cancer

STROKES BE GONE…. According to a new study, women who consumed grapefruit had a 19% lower stroke risk than those that did not…..