May is “Skin Cancer Awareness Month” and today we are going to give tips on safe tanning and how to keep that tan longer and looking fabulous. Several months back I had a rather large skin cancer removed from the middle of my face. It was painful, ugly and one of the scariest moments of my life. Thank God…. dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer caught it and was able to remove it. But I still had to apply a topical chemotherapy and have a hole the size of a quarter in the middle of my face that took 6 months to heal. Had I not be a serious sun worshiper…. this would have never happened. Had Dr. Lancer not caught it…. I could have been in serious trouble. With all that said….Let’s get started with some “Safe Tanning.”

The only way to safe tan…. is to NOT tan in the sun. My choice for safe tanning? The “AirBrush” spray tan. It’s quick, it’s easy and the beauty is…. someone else does it for you. My favorite spray tanner in all of Los Angeles? Jenni Blafer from celebrity salon Nine Zero One. Now I have had many, many spray tans in Los Angeles…. and Jenni does the most natural and longest lasting spray I have ever had. You can go to NINE ZERO ONE…. or Jenni will bring her little pop up tent and spray you in the comfort of your own home. Jenni’s choice to keep your tan lasting longer and allowing it to wear off without looking like you have leprosy? CETAPHIL… A water based, non greasy, oil free moisturizer. Cetaphil will help keep your spray tan looking fabulous and will help you keep it much longer than if you used a oil based moisturizer. Above we have listed a few of our favorite “at home” self tanners.

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May is designated by the American Academy of Dermatology, National Melanoma Skin Cancer Prevention Month aims to raise awareness about skin cancer, increasing the chances of early detection so treatments can be given early. It’s vital that skin cancers such as melanoma, a rarer & often deadly form of skin cancer, is treated early as later stage treatments are not normally effective.
There is no reliable cure for melanoma. In most cases, all the surgeon can do is cut cancerous tissue from the body by removing malignant moles, the skin surrounding the malignant mole and removing nearby lymph nodes if the cancer has spread. Melanoma does not respond well to chemotherapy and the effects of drug treatments are quite limited. Once melanoma has spread to other parts of the body life expectancy can rapidly diminish so it’s vital early surgical treatment is given.
Please do monthly body, face, head and feet checks… basically check every square inch of your body for any moles or freckles that could look suspect. Please make a yearly dermatologist appointment to have a professional check and please remember that the safest sun is…. NO sun!



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P.S…..Without direct sunlight…. we need to supplement Vitamin D. There are small amounts in fatty fish, beef liver, egg yokes, fortified milk and orange juice…. but the Vitamin D Council believes that we can’t get the recommended amount just from food sources. So taking a Vitamin D supplement is a MUST for a healthy mind and body! More on Vitamin D next week when we highlight just how important this vitamin is to our systems!