Go Healthy, Go Fun…. Just Eat Breakfast!!

Today we are featuring two breakfasts ideas – one that’s incredibly healthy, and one that’s not so healthy – but both are necessary to having a great day!

As we have heard time and time again…. breakfast is the most important meal and sets the tone for the day. So there is no better way to start the day than with Eggs…. that little oval sphere that get’s such a bad rap, but is actually one of the best things we can consume! So before we get started… let’s get enlightened on the benefits of this magical little white bundle of health! Let’s get started….



Eggs contain Choline! Eggs are an excellent source of choline which is grouped with the B Vitamins. Choline helps build cell membranes and has a roll in signally molecules in the brain along with other various functions. Most people are choline deficient…. so eggs are a great choice to help raise our choline levels.

Eating cooked eggs with raw vegetables increase our bodies’ absorption of nutrients… especially cancer fighting carotenoids. With all this said…. Let’s start with our healthy Egg Breakfast…..


Egg in an Avocado

This breakfast could not be any easier to make!




Stuffed French Toast Rolls

This breakfast is just a tiny bit more complicated…. yet pretty easy and so stinking yummy!




There you go! Two great breakfasts… and two great ways to start your day!

All my Egg-a-lish-ous Love!

Laura Dunn