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Laura Dunn reviewing Epic Protein Bars

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The Epic “Cruelty Free” Protein Bar

A Happy Cyber Monday to you…. and hello to a new healthy way to eat protein on the run (or in that chair today as you shop on-line) – introducing the Epic Protein Bar. With a passion for animals, people, and our environment…. Epic Protein Bars are my new “on the run” protein choice. With a short ingredient list, Epic Bars are a cross between a granola bar and beef jerky…. and a yummy way of getting a serious protein fix with convenience. I am on the run all day long and find it almost impossible to eat protein… so in walks Epic…. which combines grass fed (or naturally raised) meats with fruits, nuts, and spices – creating a sweet-savory combination and a giving you a serious boat-load of protein. I have gained a few pounds in the past two months and will be starting on my weight loss adventure today. I am making my cabbage soup this morning and plan on eating protein every 3 hours. An Epic protein bar will allow my to keep up with my busy day, all while getting a healthy meat protein. Epic meat based protein bars come in Beef, Turkey, Bison & Lamb with some crazy combinations…. Bison*Bacon*Cranberry…. Lamb*Current*Mint…. Turkey*Almond*Cranberry…. Beef*Habanero*Cherry. With my favorite being the bison. These are the perfect Paleo Bars… yummy and skinny!!

Lots of Healthy Love,

Laura Dunn


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