The Luxury Edition The Jet Set: Palm Beach, Florida

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Laura dunn luxury edition the jet set palm beach

 Laura Dunn Palm Beach on Vimeo. Welcome to the ‘Luxury Edition” OF The Jet Set! This Luxury Edition brings us to The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. It’s been way too many years since I have been to Palm Beach and I must say… I cannot believe I waited so long! Palm Beach could now… Read more »

The Boiler Suit

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Laura Dunn Luxury Boiler Suit Header Image

One of the hottest trends for 2019 is….. The Boiler Suit. This loose fitting, but easily cinched at the waist to give a sexier more flattering look, is truly an all-in-one wonder. The industrial and masculine one piece can go from feminine casual to up-scale chic with the change of shoes and accessories. Making it… Read more »

Welcome Faux Fur Jackets!

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I have been waiting all summer to write about faux fur jackets (we actually shot these photos in June). It’s another trend that I thought would last a season or two.

Luxury Gives Back: RE-member

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horses on the Lakota reservation re-member

Last year, when the travel talk show, The Jet Set, (WWW.THEJETSET.TV) asked me to be their new ‘Luxury Edition Correspondent” besides that extreme honor I felt…. I knew that there had to be a bigger aspect to this amazing opportunity then just what was at the surface.  

Julia Clancey: Caftans and Turbans, Oh My!

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Laura dunn in Julia clanky white caftan and gold and white sequin turban

I was at a party a few months back and spied a woman across the room that screamed luxury like no other. Without exaggeration… I made my way across the crowded floor like a full blown stalker trying to get a closer look.