The Fig Salad Fig season is coming to an end here in California, as our main fig season starts late summer…. and rolls into late fall with a smaller season in the spring. To celebrate the end of the season I thought it would be a great time to show you how to make one… Keep Reading

The Halloween Macaroon: Paint me a Cookie This is such a fun and creative way to express yourself this Halloween… The DIY Halloween Macaroon. The easiest and most professional way to decorate (or personalize) a cookie that I have ever seen! When my markers arrived… I couldn’t wait to get my hands on something to… Keep Reading

Caramel Apple Magic I discovered Concord Caramel Apple Wraps several wars ago…. and became TOTALLY obsessed! From the moment I made my first perfect caramel apple, I knew I would never go back to the old school way of melting caramel in a pot… and then trying to figure out a way to not burn… Keep Reading

~Donut Burger Heaven~ This day could have been the MOST Fun in the Kitchen I have EVER experienced!! EVER!! We started with a delivery from California Donuts. I ordered a mixed dozen and then several of their speciality donuts. And then…. let me digress. Our photographer…. Ana Ochoa, showed me a beautiful photo a couple… Keep Reading

Pour-Over Coffee, the beautiful way Yesterday was National Coffee Day!! Sorry we are a day late…. but better late than never! So here’s our scoop…. pun intended! The Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Kaufman Mercantile is kitchen worthy! Meaning… I keep it out on the counter always! A stunningly beautiful coffee maker and one that makes… Keep Reading

I am a sugar addict…. but I want to pick and choose the sugar that goes into my body. We all know that SUGAR is not our friend…. on any level and in the past 30 years, sugar consumption has skyrocketed…. along with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and a host of other life threatening… Keep Reading

I grew up with a mother that was a total health visionary…. a self taught nutritionist that had the smarts to know that eating live foods and having a “sugar ban” in the house would allow the perfect base for growing healthy bodies. Arlene Jones grew her own organic vegetables and made her own bread… Keep Reading

Today brings us back to the kitchen to create two amazing berry cheesecakes! Pass the fresh organic strawberries & Blueberries please! I have never made a cheesecake in my life…. as my mother-in-law, Marilyn Dunn is a master cake maker. Marilyn’s cheesecakes are absolute New York cheesecake perfection…. and how was I to compete with… Keep Reading

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