I had the absolute pleasure…. of attending the “TOMS for Target” shopping event on November 12th, at the Book Bindery in Culver City. And what an amazing evening it was! Target decorated the space to resemble a very Christmasy, log cabin and each of the shopping areas (5 in all) had a “teepee” pop up… hosting selected items for… Keep Reading

Toms for Target Laura Dunn

  Welcome to this months Genlux Magazine! I would like to thank Stephen Kamifugi and Cecilia Moreno for allowing me to grace my pen on the pages of their beautiful magazine. This is our best Holiday issue ever! On the newsstands now. WWW.GENLUX.COM  


  Another amazing find from our friends at Anat B! This black lace cocktail dress comes in at $29.00 and the compliments I received when I wore to a dinner this past Saturday evening…. were so insane that even I was surprised! Starting with the hostess of the restaurant…. who squealed with delight when I walked in the… Keep Reading


As of late…. there has been quite a bit insanity going on in my life. I read about this ages old remedy to help clear chaos from our lives and home a couple of days ago….. and decided that it was time to implement….. ASAP! I followed the directions and within 24 hours there is a new found… Keep Reading

Laura Dunn

The Bear Hat… by Grace Hats…. could be just about one of the cutest spirit hats I have ever seen! It is the most substantial for sure! An amazing quality with a working mouth, snap pockets in the ears and a really high quality faux fur. I found it at LF Store on Robertson…. one of… Keep Reading

The Spirit Hat by Laura Dunn

Miss Beau Dunn has had a little health scare…. But she is on the upswing and is about to make a full recovery….. Go Beau!! But during her convalescing she has been under the care of her mama…. meaning she is staying in my home. Having Beau in my home means…. daily package arrivals at my… Keep Reading


Paleo…. It’s become the big Buzz word in the diet world. Paleo, CaveMan, Protein Diet…. they all center around one concept…. God’s Foods. Clean… healthy… non-processed foods. The way I see it…. if God made it…. We can eat it. Easy… Simple… and the healthiest way a human being can eat. So what are God’s… Keep Reading

laura dunn paleo diet intro

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