I went on a mission to Dallas, Texas to meet, dine and interview the very understated, but incredibly well-known, revered and oh so talented…. Chef Dean Fearing.
What happened along the way was such an incredibly pleasant surprise! In fact….  The Ritz Carlton Dallas was my biggest surprise of the year! A resort-type atmosphere right in the middle of downtown Dallas, with some of the best food Dallas has to offer! It made my trip to the big “D” an absolute delight! Please join me on this adventure by watching “The Luxury Edition” from the nationally syndicated television show The Jet Set… and stay tuned for the ‘All Dean Fearing” segment that will air in the next couple of weeks!
Bless your hearts!
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The Gabrielle Dress | Style Fashion Luxury Blogger | Laura Dunn Luxury

The Gabrielle: A velvet-trimmed sequined chiffon mini wrap dress could be one of the most popular dresses of Summer 2019 that is effortlessly gliding into Fall of 2019 like a breeze. It all started with the rainbow wrap this spring. There are now over 10 different colors. I personally have bought 3 colors. Now that… Read more »

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Puppy Heaven or Hell | The Benefits of Owning a Dog | Laura Dunn Luxury

What if I told you…. I have not slept through the night in two weeks. I have been running through my house like a maniac all day and night. I have been dodging lil tiny poops in my living room (thank God it’s limestone and not carpet), bedroom, kitchen, gym, bathroom and every other room… Read more »

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Laura dunn luxury edition the jet set palm beach

 Laura Dunn Palm Beach on Vimeo. Welcome to the ‘Luxury Edition” OF The Jet Set! This Luxury Edition brings us to The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. It’s been way too many years since I have been to Palm Beach and I must say… I cannot believe I waited so long! Palm Beach could now… Read more »

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It’s so hip to be celery right now! Everywhere I look I am seeing photos of this nutrient rich drink on Instagram, Facebook, magazines and television….. and the reason is… it’s one of the most nutritious plant foods on the planet. I am seeing people touting the benefits of this magical green stalk and when… Read more »

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Laura Dunn Luxury Boiler Suit Header Image

One of the hottest trends for 2019 is….. The Boiler Suit. This loose fitting, but easily cinched at the waist to give a sexier more flattering look, is truly an all-in-one wonder. The industrial and masculine one piece can go from feminine casual to up-scale chic with the change of shoes and accessories. Making it… Read more »

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I cannot stress enough just how important dry brushing is for our skin. Our skin is our largest organ and often times over looked. It is said… that any sign of toxins in the body will be reflected in our skin and I can tell you for fact this is true.

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Laura Dunn Luxury | The Down Movement | Montcler Puffer Coat

There was something so surreal about the shape and hood up completes the futuristic look. I was wondering if this “Down Effect” was here to stay… or a short lived little wonder?

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Anti-Aging Skin Care | Best Beauty and Best Skin Care Products Laura Dunn | Laura Dunn Luxury

These are things I use daily or weekly and can whole heartedly recommend. I am not an expert on skin care, nor do I pretend to be. I am just an actress that has been in front of the camera for many, many years and have tried many, many products. I have found a few… Read more »

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The Resort at Paws Up | Luxury | Glamping | Laura Dunn Fashion

At the crossroads of incomparable luxury and unspoiled wilderness lies The Resort at Paws Up. Paws Up is a luxury ranch resort situated on a sprawling, 37,000-acre, authentic working cattle ranch in western Montana. Whether you choose an expansive private home or a sophisticated, safari-style luxury tent, Paws Up provides an unfiltered connection with the… Read more »

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