Between my chocolate addiction getting worse (since quitting cigs) and (quitting cigs) I think I may have told you (several times) about those few extra pounds that have crept on. I have brought my food intake down to 1/3 of what I was eating before and this weight still will not budge….. Until today……
Today I am starting on “Safflower Oil!” A recent study done at Ohio State University has discovered the magical benefits of this oil. Safflower oil raises a fat fighting hormone called “adiponectin,” which is key in the war on stubborn belly fat.
I am starting today with 2 teaspoons…. One with lunch and one with dinner. I will drizzle it on my food and I will not change one other thing in my diet or exercise. I have measured and weighed and will check back in with you exactly one week from this moment to post my findings….. Please stay tuned on this very exciting experiment on the “Belly Fat Wars”……..