Washing feet before bed? YES! This tip comes from Ellen Whitehurst…..

A footbath will help you to quickly unload any energies accumulated during your day while also allowing you to sleep cleansed and ready for sweet dreams. Water can pull down a host of energetic impurities, especially through the soles of the feet. For this reason, the wisdom of the ages considers it critically important to keep the heels of the feet clear of dead or hard skin. The skin of your heels should always be soft and slightly moist. This intention can be easily affected by applying any massage oil or a moisturizer every morning and night. This action also promotes the elimination of energetic impurities from your entire system. Washing your feet under cold running water every night will purify your energies and stimulate active reflexology points on the bottoms of the feet. You will truly be embracing the energy of the night as you go about letting everything go.

There you go….. Clean soles…. Clean Souls