The Nothin But Bar is…. nothing but…. organic oats, coconut, almonds, organic honey and sugar, seeds and chocolate. Gluten free, egg free and dairy free. I bought my first bar at Coffee Bean and I have been hooked ever since. The fresh healthy taste can’t be beat! Now mind you…. these are not low calorie… Keep Reading

  Make Up: Edgar Santos Pistachios for…. Erectile Dysfunction? YES! In a Turkish study carried out at the Ataturk Teaching and Research Hospital in Ankara, Turkey….. it was found that eating 3.5 ounces of pistachios daily for 3 weeks….. helped with a man’s ability to get an erection. Published in The International Journal of Impotence Research2, pleasure, sexual… Keep Reading

I was at an event not too long ago and was speaking with a man who had the most magnificent skin. Plump, hydrated, dewy, glowing are just a few words that described his skin. His secrets weapon? An avocado a day! Well I put it to the test…. and low and behold…. My skin after day two actually started… Keep Reading

In the health and beauty world these days…. the big “buzz” word…. COCONUT. Good for everything that ails you and then some. This article was originally supposed to be about the health benefits of drinking coconut water (hence the photos). But then my daughter’s friend walked into my home…. and hold the presses! Jaina I… Keep Reading

It is becoming increasingly clear that chronic inflammation is the root of all evils in our bodies. Most disease starts with inflammation…. and ending inflammation will not only help us internally…. but it will help us externally. Skin…. our largest organ. Inflammation ages us, causes wrinkles and causes a host of other skin issues. We have 6 inflammation fighters that are… Keep Reading


My Beautiful Ladies and Gents…. Welcome to the Christmas Holiday Season 2014! Let’s talk Health and Cookies….. all in the same breath. The GingerBread Man or Woman…. is a most healthy cookie with special powers that we can make at home. Now with the small amount of fresh ginger we are using for our gingerbread… Keep Reading

YAY!! It’s official!!! The Holiday Party Season is here! With so many parties…. and so many cocktail choices….. let’s drink safe and smart this holiday season. Champagne…. festive, sexy and usually the number one hostess cocktail choice for holiday parties. But is it the best drink for us? No. Champagne contains acetaldehyde…. a by product of the fermentation… Keep Reading

    We have 5 spices here that are usually used in Thanksgiving cooking. Little did I know that these 5 have great benefits….. so it would do all of our bodies good to make sure we go heavy on the spices this coming Thursday. Let’s find out exactly what those benefits are….. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!!


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