Once a month going forward we will be featuring a brand-new fashion designer. Being a fashion editor at Genlux, one of Southern California’s premier fashion magazines, I have been exposed to many talented new designers. I thought it would be exciting for you to be able to experience them also. I was going to wait… Keep Reading

Under Eye Coverage I was at a fashion event two months ago, when I spied Saks Fifth Avenue store director, Pamela Levine. To say she looked amazing would be an understatement – her face was positively aglow! I dashed over to find out what was added to the mix and what could cause such a… Keep Reading

Using 365,000 pulses of ultrasound, the JeNu Infuser is a revolutionary way to infuse product into our skin. I received my Infuser a month ago…. and of course couldn’t get it charged quick enough! Thankfully it was so simple to charge by just attaching the unit to a futuristic wall device (that came with the… Keep Reading

I threw down the gloss, picked up the LACQUER…. and I liked it…. the taste of that gooey gloss-stick! For me to set down my Chanel Glossimer… and pick up, try on and actually leave the house in a new gloss…. is nothing short of a miracle! And that is something that’s NOW happening on… Keep Reading

The many shades of orange – from coral to burnt – whether you choose one or pick them all, be sure to wear Orange this summer of 2015! As the hottest color of summer, Orange screams “beach,” and is a natural complimentary color for the hot weather months. Did you know that Orange is the… Keep Reading

There was a night last week when I had 2 hours of sleep…. It was a stressful day and sleep eluded me big time!  I awoke to…. puffy eyes, depression and some serious anxiety. My skin looked like dirt… dehydrated and gray. My joints felt seriously inflamed… I was achy all over…. And I had serious… Keep Reading

Men’s Grooming…. Let’s keep that hipster beard clean!! When a facial hair trend hits…. it really hits hard! Beards are not just for LumberJacks anymore… they are for the total Hipster! They are for anyone wanting to ride the hip train and anyone wanting to look so hip it’s cool! I personally think it’s such a fun masculine look and… Keep Reading

  When celebrity make up artist Edgar Santos endorses a product…. I listen. Edgar’s pick? Urban Decay’s 24/7 WaterProof EyeLiner Pencil. Edgar has been using this pencil on my eyes for months now and it wasn’t until I used it myself…. that I totally understood just how amazing this pencil truly is! With just one stroke……. Keep Reading

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